Badger Hickory Bill Lightning Bar Skipper W Top Deck
Bert Jack Dempsey Little Joe Star Deck Traveler
Chicado V Jet Deck Man O War Star Duster Vandy
Chicaro Joe Hancock  Midnight  Super Chief Wimpy
Clabber Joe Reed Oklahoma Star Super Cowboy Yellow Jacket
Cowboy Joe Reed II Old Sorrel Sykes Rondo Zantanon
Driftwood King Peter McCue The Ole Man  
Easy Jet Leo Poco Bueno Three Bars  
Air Force One Joe Hancock Man O War  Question Mark Traveler
Badger Joe Reed Midnight Star Deck Two Eyed Jack
Bert Joe Reed II Oklahoma Star  Star Duster Vandy
Blondy’s Dude King Old Sorrel  Sykes Rondo Wimpy
Cowboy Leo Painted Robin Te N Te Yellow Jacket
Flying Bob  Little Joe Peppy Three Bars Zantanon
Hickory Bill Magnolia Bar Peter McCue Top Deck  
Whiskey Blue Farms, LP
Quality Horses when Quality Matters.
Established in 2002, Whiskey Blue has gone throughout the United States to find quality mares and stallions to promote both quarter horses and paints. Years ago we could not find a blue roan stallion on the east coast nor could we find a black and white stallion over 14'3 H. Today we have both stallions available for live cover.
We have over 20 of our 1-5 year olds for Sale
Located just 2 Miles from I-80 Exit 42
Recent News:
Welcome to Whiskey Blue Farms
Te Blue Jet AQHA, NFQHA # 3462382
"Blue" is a 1996, 16H Blue Roan Stallion we found in Montana a few years back. He is 82% foundation with the following great quarter horses in his pedigree:
Te Blue Jet
Model Te Dude
Model Te Dude APHA # 508845
"Te" is a 1999, 15'3 H Black & White stallion that we've had for several years. He paints his get so beautifully. Make sure you take a look at them. His disposition is very gentle and he has such power when he moves it takes your breath away. His pedigree contains such greats as...
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